About Us - Buff & Coat Hardwood Floor Renewal

About Us

Who are we?

Buff & Coat is your locally owned and operated team of wood floor professionals. We offer no cost, no obligation consultations where you describe your goals for your floor and we provide you options without high pressure sales tactics.

What is Buff & Coat?

Buff & Coat is a dustless process for refinishing residential and commercial wood floors without the time and financial expense of traditional sanding and finishing. We quickly restore the luster of hardwood floors that have lost their shine from everyday wear and tear. Our unique process renews the beauty of hardwood floors without the dust, odor, or cost of traditional floor refinishing.

Why Buff & Coat?

Buff & Coat delays the horrors of re-sanding for years, while maintaining and protecting the beautiful sheen that makes hardwood floors so appealing. It’s the quick, low-cost, and hassle-free alternative for maintaining and protecting your hardwood floors.

  • Because it’s Convenient! While Traditional sanding and refinishing keeps you off your floors for not less than 4 days, the Buff & Coat process is Done in a Day! You can start living on your floors later that day! No toxic fumes, no dusty mess!
  • Because it’s Dustless! Fully re-sanding your hardwood floors creates incredible amounts of dust in your home or business. The Buff & Coat process will leave you with a beautiful, protected hardwood floor without the mess!
  • Because it’s Family, Pet, and Environmentally Friendly! The Buff & Coat process uses Eco-friendly products that are safe for children and pets. Avoid the noxious fumes that come with many refinishing products and service providers!
  • Because it’s Economical! Save up to 70% with a Buff & Coat versus traditional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing!
  • Because of our Expertise! We can address any concerns regarding floor renewal, maintenance, protection, repair and installation!


With Buff & Coat, you’ll love your floors again!

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