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“My Floors Are New Again!”

Wood Floor After Sandless Renewal

This Northwest Georgia living-room shows another example of what a difference we can make on your hardwood floors. Did I mention this was done in just a few hours and the homeowners were walking on this floor just a couple of hours later?

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Suffering Ends for Office Floor

Image of hardwood floor after same day refinishing

The wood floor in this Dalton, Georgia home office had seen better days but now the future is looking brighter. Sliding furniture, rolling office chairs and perhaps a lot of trips to the coffee pot, had wore the protective finish right off of this oak floor.Continue reading

From Worn to Beautiful

Example of Hardwood Floor Renewal

A local realtor was looking to sell a home in north Chattanooga, TN. The home had been in the process of a thorough renovation and the house looked spectacular, with the exception of the hardwood flooring in the living room. Buff & Coat® Hardwood Floor Renewal got a call and went to work. There’s no doubt that this property sold so quickly having hardwood floors that look exceptionally well maintained — Read on and find out why!

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Like New After Same Day Refinishing

Awesome new floor look without the new floor cost - Buff & Coat

Chattanooga’s Buff & Coat® professionals were called to a home in Signal Mountain, TN to consult regarding hardwood floor refinishing. As the kind homeowners let us in, we saw their floors and we knew right away that their floors were the perfect candidate for our Buff & Coat® Hardwood Renewal service.

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Check Out This Parquet Floor!

Refinished hardwood kitchen and dining room floor

We got a call from a friendly gentleman that requested we come to his home and take a look at his parquet kitchen floor. While we were approaching the house in our Buff and Coat truck, his wife was in the front yard flagging us down and boy was she excited to see us!

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