Check Out This Parquet Floor! - Buff & Coat Hardwood Floor Renewal

Check Out This Parquet Floor!

Refinished hardwood kitchen and dining room floor

We got a call from a friendly gentleman that requested we come to his home and take a look at his parquet kitchen floor. While we were approaching the house in our Buff and Coat truck, his wife was in the front yard flagging us down and boy was she excited to see us!

We all introduced ourselves and the happy couple took us inside to inspect their parquet kitchen and dining room floors.

(Stain and finish worn away)

Stain and finish missing from wood parquet floor

They explained to us that after the many years of using their dining room suite, the chairs had taken a toll on their hardwood parquet flooring. The chairs scooting in and out from under the dining room table had worn their flooring down really bad! They also had a built-in desk area in the same room that suffered the same type damage from a chair.

(Same spot after repair and refinish)

After floor was stained and refinished

The proud home owners accepted our bid and gave us the pleasure of renewing their hardwood flooring. We started by cleaning the hardwood to remove wax, grease and stubborn stains. After cleaning, we buffed the floors with our dustless buffing equipment. Once the buffing was done we thoroughly vacuumed the floors to ensure nothing stayed behind that may have been coated over. We performed spot repairs on the areas that the chairs had gnawed away at. Lastly, we laid two coats of our proprietary finish down allowing it to dry for 90 minutes in between.

After allowing the last coat to dry for about 90 minutes, we inspected the floors with the homeowners and they were absolutely astonished! They indicated that they were very happy with the Buff and Coat and said they will definitely do business with us again.

Can you believe we renewed this hardwood floor with the homeowners on-site? They never once mentioned any strange odor from our finish or dust from our process!

Let’s let the pictures tell the story!
(Close up of spot wear)

Close up of stain and finish missing from wood parquet floor

(Spot after repair)

Close up of spot after being stained and refinished

(Worn spot at desk)

Worn floor from chair scraping against hardwood

(Looks much better)

Floor looks new again after being refinished

(Close-up at desk)

Close-up of damaged hardwood floor at desk

(Close-up at desk – after)

Close-up of hardwood parquet floor after it's been refinished

(Another of desk)

This floor has been scraped up by a chair


This hardwood looks beautiful thanks to Buff & Coat

(Worn dining area)

Dining room floor before hardwood renewal and refinishing

(Nice dining area)

Dining room floor after hardwood renewal and refinishing

(Dull & grimy)

Dull hardwood kitchen floor

(Shiny & protected)

Shiny and protected hardwood kitchen floor