From Worn to Beautiful - Buff & Coat Hardwood Floor Renewal

From Worn to Beautiful

Example of Hardwood Floor Renewal

A local realtor was looking to sell a home in north Chattanooga, TN. The home had been in the process of a thorough renovation and the house looked spectacular, with the exception of the hardwood flooring in the living room. Buff & Coat® Hardwood Floor Renewal got a call and went to work. There’s no doubt that this property sold so quickly having hardwood floors that look exceptionally well maintained — Read on and find out why!

Upon first inspection of the floor, we noticed the poor condition of the hardwood flooring. After talking with the homeowner, we found out what she wanted the hardwood floors to look like and we quoted her a price that, on average, our competitors would have charged at least double. We made the floors in that home look incredible by removing paint drippings, surface scratches, and improving the appearance of deep scratches in the red oak hardwood flooring; we put life back into that hardwood!!

With our process, in a couple of hours, you are able to walk on the floors again. It’s dustless, odorless, and done in one day!

Buff & Coat® can handle all types of hardwood work, including: hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor repair, hardwood floor sanding, board replacement, hardwood floor refinishing and more! We also do commercial work; our process is ideal for bar & restaurant owners who cannot afford to close for a week for a full re-sand. Call on Buff & Coat® for your next project and let us save you some green!