Give the Gift of Beautiful Floors! - Buff and Coat Hardwood Floor Renewal 50% off Sale

Give the Gift of Beautiful Floors!

Hardwood floor renewal truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Give it to yourself and you can start the new year with great looking floors that are protected and will brighten your home for years. Give it to a loved one and they will know you care. You will be remembered every time they see the new floor you gave them.

For yourself or someone really special, a gift of Buff & Coat wood floor renewal will last for seasons to come. And for a limited time you can get it at the lowest price ever offered. You can get as many of these as you like, but there are a limited number of each available. With these savings of at least 50% off, these certificates will not last long. Pricing options and complete details below.

Update: This offer has expired.